Salba chia FAQ

Do I need to grind the seeds to access Salba Chia’s nutritional benefits?

No. Unlike some other seeds, including flax, Salba Chia does not need to be ground for nutrient absorption. Enjoy whole Salba Chia sprinkled on salads or yogurt or mixed into your favorite smoothie. For other ideas on how to use whole Salba Chia, please visit our recipes page.

Do I need to wash Salba Chia?

No. The seeds do not need to be washed. Salba Chia is grown under strictly controlled conditions at our partner farms in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. We can trace our seeds back to their source, and we know how it has been handled along every step of the process, which means the product is clean, consistent and safe.

How should I store my Salba Chia?

You can store your whole Salba Chia at room temperature for several years because of its natural antioxidant content, which helps keep it stable. Storing the seeds in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will help extend its shelf life. Premium ground product should be refrigerated after opening.


Our Salba Chia Boost packages, both whole seed and ground, can be kept in their original packaging until the expiration date printed on the package. The individual Boost pouches stay sealed until you are ready to use them, so are fresh until the stated best by date.

What is a variety and why is registration important?

Salba chia consists of two strains of Salvia hispanica L. – the botanical name of the chia plant. These strains are the only two nutritionally consistent registered varieties of chia on the planet, and they are the only ones with a high enough quality to carry the Salba chia name.


Variety registration is important because it indicates that agricultural authorities have deemed the strain unique from other plants of the same species. The differences that make Salba chia unique from other chia plants are inheritable and consistent, which means that each generation of plant will produce the same, high-quality Salba chia as the ones before.


In our products, that means you can expect to see the same light-colored, similarly sized, round Salba chia seed from package to package. It also means you can count on the nutrient density to be the same each time you add Salba Chia to your meals.