Salba Chia


Salba is a particular strain (Salvia Hispanic L.) of chia. Salba chia is the trademark name (brand) for the registered varieties of Salvia Hispanic L. – Sahi Alba 911 and Sahi Alba 912 – the only two registered varieties in the world.

Chia is the common name for at least two species of Salvia chia which are grown as wild crops. As wild crops, the nutrition and even species can vary depending on the region where it is grown. Common chia strains cannot be registered as varieties as they have not gone through the selective and separate breeding to show a pure, distinctive, uniform, stable variety, which is required for registration. Salba chia, however, is grown by one producer in Peru under strictly controlled growing conditions

Compared to common chia, Salba chia has more omega-3s and protein per 100g. Aesthetically, Salba is light tan color and blends into almost any food preparation whereas chia is mostly black standing out against most foods.